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mama rosa
Serving excellent Filipino food in an urban, pinoy-chic setting Mama Rosa offers traditional favorites made fresh with innovative as of cooking and serving. With its café-deli look, its has none of the "fiesta-style" trappings of your usual Filipino restaurants. Instead, the yellow-orange and blue décor, along with the bright and funky painting son the walls, convey a mood that is both classy and cozy.

A cool and refreshing start to any meal is the Pako at Suha salad. Served with a honey-fish dressing, the salad is a combination of pako (a native fern), ubod, sinkamas, and suha. Another sumptuous starter is the Longanisa Platter one of our personal favorites; it includes Vigan, Lukban, Pangasinan varieties.

For your main course, there's Pinangat na Gabi, which is ground pork, alamang and taro wrapped in its own leaves, cooked and served with coconut milk. Try some old favorites like Kari-kari (spelled with an "i"), Crispy Tadyang, or Lechon Kawali, which they serve with a squash sauce (an interesting concoction which is smoother and lighter, but still has the tang of the sarsa we all love).

If you're a seafood only person, the Suaje Kebabs come highly recommended. Its' served with a super yummy coriander sauce that can only be described as matamis-maasim-maanghang. For dessert, a definite must-try for the first time visit is the Frozen Dayap Pear Mousse. Made with a sweet crumb crust, this mousse is cool and light, and goes down especially well after a good meal.

If you're having a tricky time deciding among all these delicious dishes, just look for Manager Rosa Dula-Laurel, who I'm sure, will be happy to help you at your task.

Perfect for anything from a first date
to a lazy Sunday lunch with the family,
Mama Rosa is located at 55 Timog Avenue
corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
Tel. 414-5111.