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bagsBusiness and designing mavericks Cristina Tuason and Raul Francisco have caught Manila by storm with their fabulous new store called Twist. Since it opened last December at the Glorietta III, this stylish bag store can't keep its products on the shelf long enough!

"The reception to our bags has been phenomenal!" marvels Raul. "People cannot believe that we can come out with chic and well-crafted bags at such affordable prices."

"We spend a lot of time in R&D," shares Cristina. "We also have our own factory so we supervise each item closely. As artists, we often take trips out of the country in order to source new materials and to immerse ourselves in new designs."



The duo believes that today's woman still looks for classic designs but demands slight variations to match her many moods.

"Everything is about merging style and functionality," Tuason insists. "With our obsession for both - we believe we can satisfy every modern woman!"




Let's do the Twist:
Store owners Raul Francisco and Cristina Tuason