Design incorporates the theme of environmental conservation and sustainability that the village design addresses. Spaces were designed for flexible use, to accommodate the possible changing needs that these structures will have to accommodate for the community in the future.

Design of a four storey medium rise studio and office facility for a photographer. Very specific space requirements as well as unique traffic flow specifications brought forth this personal design, which caters to very specific needs quite unusual for a medium rise structure. Aesthetic design features also serve as backdrops and inspirational settings for the client's creative process.

Design for office and display areas featuring the company's main product line, this being exhibit display systems. Efficient personnel space planning and warehouse-type storage had to be considered to accommodate the company's extensive requirements. Shown is the Executive Office.

Renovation design for a former residential and office unit that was merged into one space functioning as an office for two companies. Design features individual spaces for both companies along side common areas that they share, as well as providing spaces for each company's unique storage requirements. Shown is a view from the office.