Commercial Retail

The design of this Scuba Diving shop aims to professionalize the look and feel of this sector of the industry. Special display modules were designed to fit the product lines unique display requirements. An equipment /gear maintenance area was provided based on the needs of its technician. Spaces for classroom instruction, inventory storage and client meetings were also provided.

Evolving into its first stand alone store from an already established reputation in the kiosk format, the project aims to take a well patronized personal care brand’s image into a bigger space. The design aims to highlight the product line through lighting and use of specially design shelving systems.

I Am 2003

A concept store which features retail display for foot ware targeting a young upscale market. All products are imported from Europe and the US.

The second Soumak branch features collections specific to the bedroom. The store ambiance creates a feeling of luxury and a sense of privacy, which a home's bedroom sanctuary imbibes. The product line for this store was extended to feature high quality beddings and linen to complement the bedroom furniture and accessories that remain true to Soumak's fine craftsmanship and excellent design.

Design for a bag retail shop. Design concept aimed at showcasing black bags, which will be the primary product line. A strong visual store front continues into the shop's structured interiors of basic cement and black.

An apparel and accessory shop housing three prominent brands from the US namely Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap. Design considered the marketing scheme established by the retailer of mixing the brands in the display racks instead of sectionalizing designated areas for each.

A high end retail kiosk was designed to feature hand thrown pottery pieces by the students of Jon PettyJohn. The Kiosk was designed to emphasize the uniqueness and value of each piece as a true works of art. Careful attention was given to lighting to enhance the nuances of every piece. Security was also a prime consideration in an otherwise very open space.

Design for a retail store specializing in travel bags and accessories.

Design of a kiosk retailing natural soaps. The character established for the kiosk is that of a "market" concept where the soaps are merchandised and sold as "produce".

Design of a children's clothing retail store. Design incorporates unique ways to showcase children's wear, which keeps up with the hip and trendy nature of the product's design.

Design for a bag retail shop. The design has a unique feature that allows the look of the store to change with the look of the bags. Shown is the front elevation.

A retail kiosk featuring cooking and baking accessories.

A retail store for personal accessories targetting a young market. The challenge was to incorporate all the store requirements into a uniquely shaped site. The extensive frontage was maximized as the site's best feature. Shown is the front elevation.

An apparel accessory store featuring casual to semi-casual wear targetting young female clients. Design considered the existing look of over a dozen stores into the new identity development so as not to alienate the existing clientele while attracting new ones. The design is a trimmed down version of the SM City Manila branch, which was adopted for this site. Shown is the front elevation.