Commercial Food

The design of a specialty Gelato retail kiosk was conceived to create a unique visual image to be associated with the brand. A playful and attractive decidedly feminine approach was taken using the strong colorful nature of the product line.

The concept of the privileged Chef’s Table inside the kitchen was the inspiration for the design of this restaurant. A completely open kitchen gives the guests a connection to the preparation and special attention given to the decidedly healthy and whole-food cuisine. The careful balance of comfort, ambiance and functionality of the kitchen and dining spaces was struck with the design skills of all those involved, primarily the client, architect, mechanical engineer and kitchen equipment provider.

A comfortable eclectic design sensibility with twists and artistic expressions to complement the popular Italian food chain that was originally developed by the Don Bosco Italian priests to give them a taste of their own home cooking. The design inspiration for this restaurant was an Italian immigrant’s young entrepreneurial and artistic daughter, a close profile match to this particular branch’s target market of call centers and the college university crowd.

This Italian restaurant concept was originally developed by the Italian priests of the Don Bosco parish. For this new branch the design inspiration was an immigrant mother who moved to the Philippines and became known for her cooking. Her design sense as an interpretation of what is locally available in her current community was the basis for the eclectic design. Although now the restaurant has many branches, the feel for the design is still that of being a one-of concept.

The second branch of a successful comfort food concept restaurant, the design is the more masculine version of the original restaurant that emulates coming to the chef’s apartment to enjoy a well prepared meal. The design is inspired by the architecture of 1970s homes.

Design of a store located within the factory of a pastry supplier.  Design provides for all the functional needs of the unique retail location while providing a relaxed and personality driven ambiance.

Design of a Wine Bar and Retail Store featuring the inventory of an importer of American Wines. Also serving as his office and showroom. An ambiance for serious wine aficionados was designed.

Design of a former restaurant space renovated to accommodate a new homey restaurant concept. The design aimed to provide an extension of the chef owner’s own kitchen and dining area to provide a comfortable space for people to hang-out and return to.

Design of a Fine Dining Restaurant featuring local finishing materials complementing the innovative take on Philippine cuisine.

Design of a modern American diner inspired restaurant. Iconic elements were used and given a more modern twist to suggest the cozy welcoming atmosphere that diners projected during their prime.

Design of a new French inspired pastry kiosk also meant to provide meals and snacks. The design incorporates the multi-functional requirements of the kiosk as well as its strong graphic design developed for it's labeling. The design aims to provide a modern conceptual translation of a traditional classic icon.

A new take on an existing fast food chain. The design aims to bring the look of the restaurant to a more contemporary feel and image.

A new take on an existing fast food chain. The design aims to bring the look of the restaurant to a more contemporary feel and image.

The first of a series of new restaurants designed with a newer fresher take on an old reliable restaurant concept. Taking into consideration the appeal of elements of the existing restaurants and creating a newer younger market appeal. The design has since then been the basis for succeeding store design concepts.