Personal Service Center

Design of an Urban Day Spa in a renovated building in the French Concession Area of Shanghai. Design aims to provide a clean and warm ambiance for the high end service the facility will provide.

Design of a dance and fitness studio, which aimed to provide a serious and well equipped venue for the local ballet dance groups as well as various other dance related endeavors. The design carefully considers all the requirements of the activities performed within its studios in order to inspire the creative and demanding process.

Design of a beauty salon catering to a younger market within a mall. The design took into consideration elements from the French mother company, and gave the design an approach more appealing to the local target market.

Design of a beauty salon catering to a high end market in an existing structure. Design considered elements from an existing salon and adapted the look to project a more contemporary and progressive outlook. The unique conditions of the site such as the double floor ceiling height and floor to ceiling curtain glass walls also played an important role in the design.