Architectural and Interior design for a vacation compound for a couple. The design features multiple structures using locally available materials with a modern twist on indigenous architecture. The client's unique personality and tastes play a vital role in the design. The home is designed to be a get-away for the couple and a place for their children to come together.

Renovation Design of an existing home to accommodate changes in lifestyle and priorities as the family continues to grow and mature. Renovation is being done in stages initially in the kitchen and entertainment areas moving to the bedrooms. Shown is the breakfast nook detail.

Renovation design for an existing kitchen to accommodate changes in lifestyle. Shown is the kitchen counter detail.

Furnishing a three bedroom weekend condominium unit for a family who enjoys weekend trips to the area. The home is filled with entertainment and recreational amenities put together in a very relaxed and fun manner. The ease of maintainance was also considered.

Architectural and interior design for a three bedroom week-long home for a young family. The design maximizes the play of natural light in a modern structure while providing maximum passive cooling. The growth and development by the resident family was also kept in mind when the spaces were developed. Shown is the front elevation detail.

Architectural and Interior Design for a three bedroom weekend home for a young family. The design takes into consideration the picturesque location and panoramic views, while maximizing the potential for fresh air and natural lighting. Provisions were also made for the client's visiting friends and family that are part of their lifestyle. Shown is the front elevation.

Architectural and Interior design for a split-level vacation house for a couple. The design takes into consideration the picturesque location and panoramic views, as well as the unique tastes and lifestyle of the client. The design maximizes the circulation of fresh air and natural light.

Architectural and Interior design proposals for a home to serve as a base in Manila for a couple normally based in Hong Kong. In the design, taken into consideration was the client's jet-set lifestyle and the need for entertaining in their home. Shown is a view of the formal living room.

Design of an extension to an existing residence to provide an additional entertainment area as well as a bedroom and bath. Space features the maximum use of passive cooling and natural lighting by providing "walls" that breathe and allows even the rain to enter until the pocket gardens along the perimeter. Shown is the lanai access to the backyard.