Commercial Retail

Design of a retail and wine bar. The design targets a more casual wine drinking crowd and aims to encourage a more relaxed approach to drinking wine. The shop features a 24-hour temperature controlled wine cellar wall display. Shown is the front elevation.

An apparel accessory store featuring casual to semi-casual wear targetting young female clients. Design considered the existing look of over a dozen stores into the new identity development so as not to alienate the existing clientele while attracting new ones. Shown is the retail area detail.

An apparel and accessory shop housing three prominent brands from the US namely Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap. Design considered the marketing scheme established by the retailer of mixing the brands in the display racks instead of sectionalizing designated areas for each. There were also limitations to the site that were addressed that posed challenges to the design such as a post in the middle of the small frontage, very low ceilings at the front half of the store and a duct chase that cut the site in half. The use of water treatments help address these challenges.

Design consultation for a kiosk retailing trendy accessories targetted for a young market.

The second branch in the chain was designed to incorporate the store, cafe, and garden components. The site was unique in that it was partially inside and outside of the commercial building structure. This provided unique environments to showcase the store's products. Shown is the exterior elevation.

A more casual approach was incorporated in the design targetting the younger wine drinking clientele living in the nearby residential areas. The store features a 24-hour temperature controlled wine cellar and retail area. Shown is the wine display area.

Design of an inner wear retail shop. Design features a unique way of merchandising the product line by providing a flexible display wall. Shown is the front elevation.

Design of a retail food kiosk featuring local delicacies. A homey character was incorporated with a feel of "Mom's home made goodness".

The kiosk was relocated in 2003 to another site in the mall and the design updated.

Design of a franchised apparel retail shop based in Italy. Design specifications from the original stores were incorporated. A main design requirement was to feature both labels in one space. Shown is the front elevation.

Design of a lifestyle concept store and cafe. Design features a symbiosis between the very basic product line and the unique marketing strategy required by the store. The whole package aims to target a clientele who have particular styles and tastes. Shown is a detail view from the main entrance.

Design of a retail wine shop. Design features a 24-hour temperature controlled cellar and retail area. The ambiance caters to the upper market serious wine buyers. Shown is the view from the main entrance.

Renovation of an existing store specializing in high-end car accessories. Design provides an image of quality products in a "car shop" ambiance. The store also features a listening room for automobile sound systems that the client imports exclusively. Shown is a perspective of the SM Megamall branch.