The scope for this project included the total renovation of two bedrooms including their toilet and baths. These rooms for two brothers provided for their own personal tastes and interests while updating what was originally provided in the unit.

The project was the redesign of a four-bedroom, two –storey penthouse unit. A warm, relaxed, family ambiance was achieved through space planning and the introduction of built-in elements and furniture in natural materials. The design also reflects the young client’s enjoyment of entertaining close friends and family who immediately feel at home in the space.

Design of the Interior Furnishing of the Living and Dining areas, Master Bedroom and entrance hallways.

The project involves the renovation of the kitchen and powder room to incorporate the client's more modern design taste.

The project is the redesign of a typical three-bedroom unit into spaces that suit the client's more personal style and way of life. The design took into consideration the limitation of the existing structure as well as the regulations of the building and yet still achieved a very unique approach to the otherwise standard space.

Interior design for an existing three bedroom condominium. With emphasis on the client's distinct personal style and display and storage of a wide range of collections and art pieces.

Furnishing a three bedroom condominium unit for an expat executive to be based in Manila. While offering all the other amenities for comfortable living, the design was taken a step further. Rather than providing generic accommodations, a distinctly Filipino flavor was injected with a lot of custom designed furniture and accessories. The resident executive's personality and taste also determined the selection of the furniture pieces. Shown is a view of the living room.