A total renovation of a 40year old townhouse beside a golf course. The design considers the abundance of natural light and fresh air of the location. The very personal aesthetic sense and lifestyle of the clients are showcased in a very unique weekend home.

Furnishing and interior renovations in a weekend townhouse unit in an exclusive resort. The design features cozy and flexible pieces that can be enjoyed when the whole family vacations and at the same time still be peaceful as a retreat for one.

Interior design for an existing three bedroom townhouse. Minimum construction to produce the optimum results to turn the existing unit more to the client's liking. Shown is the living room detail.

Interior design for an existing two bedroom townhouse to be used as a vacation home for the family. The challenge was to provide comfort with easy maintenance for such a small area. To accommodate three maturing daughters in one 12 sq. meter bedroom, two custom-made bunk beds were joined by a raised platform that could be used as a sleeping or "hanging-out" area. This proved to be a favorite room for the family. Shown are the guest custom-made bunk beds.